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Re: New to the hobby, soldering anxiety

in Milliways
Or am I losing my mind even more than usual, stuck in a nightmare fantasy land? Yes. I'm guessing you are quite young, live in a relatively new house, and have been told your whole life that various things are dangerous. Yes lead is poisonous. But in reality you have to go out of your way to get …

Re: Interview with "last XP fan"

in Milliways
I run an XP system on my network and I only just upgraded to sp3. Its been fine. It is behind a NAT. Ran a win 2000 server too until recently, that's been fine as well. Things seem to just chug along for me.

Re: Right to repair discussion (split from What retro activity did you get up to today?)

I find it hard to understand why it is suggested that a corp./store can make a product however they choose, yet if another corp./store wishes to modify/repair it, this is immoral and should be illegal? Seems contradictory to me. If your going to have a free-for-all for the original company, then if …

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