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Re: Program Requires MS-DOS Mode

I searched a lot and found nothing on how to disable that message, after pressing NO, the message disappears and the game works perfectly. To run in real dos, it means shutting down all applications and boot to ms-dos from cd, instead to click, play, play another game, listen music, etc.

Program Requires MS-DOS Mode

does anyone know how I can turn off this annoying message? Program Requires MS-DOS Mode may not run well unless it is run in MS-DOS mode. Do you want to change its shortcut properties to make it always run in MS-DOS mode? appears in very few games, an example is Prehistorik 1 The OS is Windows …

Romanian Retro Pc

Hello everyone, This is my childhood that I worked on for over 1000 hours. All games are fully installed and updated. I tested and discarded seven video cards and 6 sound cards. the best configuration for the 130 games on Dell OptiPlex GX240 Small Desktop Computer is: Windows Millennium (best retro …

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