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Re: ASUS Tusl2-c not detecting FX5900XT

Have you tried manually pointing device manager to the inf? Sometimes I find that the Nvidia setup application “detects” hardware by the presence of an already installed older driver, rather than hardware ID. Once you manually get the driver installed (if it works) you can run the setup again to …

Re: Slot A: Aiming for the stars

Indeed. Memory and bus bandwidth are key. Unfortunately even though I’ve modded the BIOS of my MS6191 to allow changing the FSB, the system won’t boot at the next option above 100MHz (120MHz), so I’ve run out of ideas. I can’t find a better Slot A board, at least for a reasonable price.

Re: Slot A: Aiming for the stars

So it turns out that I don't appear to have DMA mode enabled, and the drive doesn't even have the tick box present in device manager. That would go some way to explaining the sluggish performance felt in general use. No amount of installing various AMD 756 EIDE drivers makes an difference, and there …

Re: Slot A: Aiming for the stars

Couple of runs with the Quadro FX 3000. Disappointed by the performance a little. Also tried a Radeon 9700, but the performance was slightly lower (around 10%). If I had any overclocking at all on this board I think I could see a notable increase from the memory and bus bandwidth. 3DMark2000, …

Re: Slot A: Aiming for the stars

This is nothing special but just happens to currently be inside my retro box so here goes: 100Mhz FSB 700Mhz Thunderbird 256MB RAM GF2 MX 32MB @AGP 1x TB700 GF2MX 256M AMD750.png I’m genuinely surprised that 200MHz on the CPU is enough to make up the difference between a Rage Fury MAXX and a GF2 MX …

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