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Re: [Advice needed] I'm reaching my collection goal and currently considering stopping. What is your goal ?

My long term plan for once I’d collected everything I wanted to collect was to start content creation for the public to consume. This wouldn’t be a replacement for my typical income, just a hobby and a way to ensure that my collection gets rotated in and out of use as and when I create new content. …

Re: Were serial port to RJ45 cables used for computer networking in the old days?

It’s just a serial cable. The 9-pin goes at the PC end. The RJ45 plug goes into the switch/router/firewall/access point and is simply a serial port presented as RJ45. They don’t connect to ethernet ports at all. There were Cisco devices out there that allowed you to connect multiple network devices …

Re: 20th Anniversary of Vogons

Happy Birthday Vogons! This calls for terrible poetry 20 years have passed, and I'm glad I coud be assed, to join here eventually, after googling you incessantly. many years without posting. so I am glad you are hosting. all the vulminous retro knowledge, and like goldilocks final bowl of porridge …

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