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Re: Soundblaster Pro2 CT1600 detected, no sound

Well, there you go. Had that wrong in my head. Anyway, still good to check all the voltage rails at the AT plug on the motherboard. After that, try removing everything you don't need to make it boot (minimum expansion, drives, ram) and see if there's any change in behaviour. Focus on one problem at …

Re: PCI video cards: finding my happy place

Oh it's really just for fun and learning, with a side of information sharing for others. Looking at the compatibility matrix, the Macronix card actually looks pretty great, and a couple of FPS here or there isn't much of a factor to be honest. I'm mostly just interested in how the "gold standard" ( …

PCI video cards: finding my happy place

Hello all, Just thought I'd share my experiences recently with finding the right video card for my system. The system in question is a P133, 64mb RAM. Nothing special, I have faster systems elsewhere, but this is my current project and should make a nice DOS era PC. It came originally with a S3 Trio …

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