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Re: odd garbled font in VGA mode

Thanks for the link. I got my machine to work in standard ways with DOS & Windows as well as a single-floppy Linux from 2002 and there is no sign of this problem. So far, it's been limited to when the VGA card was in my more modern Pentium III system's ISA slot trying to run various systems.

Re: Help fixing rare CL-GD610/620 VGA card

I did eventually get my card (and whole machine) to work, so I've now got a great reference version of an LCD-386 should you need any details. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=857849#p857849 The machine came with floppies containing EAGLE.EXE and SWITCH.EXE which allow for console, GUI, or …

odd garbled font in VGA mode

Over in this post I have a weird old VGA card with custom ribbon connector to an LCD working finally, transplanted into a modern(ish) machine but powered off of the original PSU. The card has 8 DIP switches on it that allow you to specify (among other things) what graphics mode it runs in... I have …

Re: Help fixing rare CL-GD610/620 VGA card

Old thread, I know, but I have acquired a similar machine (see my other posts) and am in the process of debugging the motherboard, which can't even POST. In between bouts of frustration with that, I am attempting to get the VGA card going in my other PC, which is ATX but has one ISA slot. No luck so …

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