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PCEM on Linux Mouse unresponsive

in PC Emulation
I'm running PCEM v17 on Manjaro Linux, and I've pretty much always had the problem that the mouse inside the guest OS (I tried Win98 and Win95) seems kinda sluggish, like there is a delay between moving the mouse and the movement of the mouse pointer. Also, not every mouse click is registered, I …

Re: HP T5710 windows 98 build

I actually developed most of that UDBS image because i had to wait on my own IDE storage module for the T5710 and wanted to play with it anyway. With UDBS alone you can still do a lot of fun things with the thinclient as it essentially is MSDOS7.1 that can also be installed to the internal storage …

Re: HP T5710 windows 98 build

Hey guys, thanks so much for responding! The linux option sounds easy enough, don't know why I didn't think of that. And henk, thanks for the drivers and the image creator, I will give this a shot, but I gotta wait for my Ide-SD adapter shipping from china, then I'll get to work on it 😀

Re: HP T5710 windows 98 build

Hey Digidreamer, great system! I recently got a HP 5710 as well, but can't figure out how to get win98 installed on it... how did you do it? I already tried attaching a USB DVD drive, but the win98 setup disk wouldn't boot from USB due to missing drivers...

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