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Re: My ECS motherboard hates ATi gpus?!

You may just have to accept it isn't meant to be. I used to have a Compaq OEM machine which would NOT run a certain range of nVidia cards with ANY driver installed, no matter what I did and how hard I tried, or how many versions and setup exe's I hacked, it just would. not. happen. I actually got a …

Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

Woah, having the Gerber files for one of these cards is pretty insane. Being able to DIY an OPL4 card could be really fun. I have a Megaimage-32 card (OPTi based) with an OPL3 on it, and it gets the job done for SB16 compatibility, but the FM is SO LOUD!! I haven't looked into it yet, but i'm sure …

Re: 486DX2-66 project update

...any sensible mainboards has an interference suppression inductor on the power line, and L/C lowpass filters on the clock and data line for the PS/2 mouse. If these suppression filters are replaced by 0-henry-indictors (straight wires) and 0-picofarad-caps (just no cap placed on the board) to …

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