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Re: Sound+FM=Freeze System

Thanks Demolition-Man, Uniflash was able to write the ROMs. I was able to try all ROMs from the RetroWeb... alas... no difference :( So here are the things I tried this morning: * Swap PSU with a different one * Jump/Unjump J3 on the motherboard (enables/disables on-board sound chip) * Reseat RAM * …

Re: Sound+FM=Freeze System

I tried to flash a different BIOS. The BIOS is Ami BIOS. I found a few ROMs here: https://theretroweb.com/motherboards/s/pcchips-m571lmr-v1-x But it seems I cannot flash it in DOS. When I run amiflash 8.95, it says my BIOS is write-protected. What parts do I need to flash an EEPROM and use it …

Re: Sound+FM=Freeze System

Thanks Jo22. At this moment I'm ready to test anything. I've just tried the following: * QEMM386 instead of EMM386 or nothing * Running the games from within Windows 95 DOS box * Swap SB16 with a SBPro2 CT1600 * Switch to a 256MB CF card instead of 4GB * Win98 boot disk * Physically disconnect the …

Sound+FM=Freeze System

Hi, I'm having a depressing problem in my build. The build: * P233-MMX * M571LMR motherboard * 3.5"+5.25" drives * 1 CD drive connected to secondary master * 1 Transcend 4GB CF card as HDD on primary master * SB16 ASP CT1740 with A220 I7 D1 H5 * Embedded VGA SiS * 32MB RAM * DOS 6.22 The problem: …

Re: QUARTERDECK QEMM products ... Good? or Garbage?

in Milliways
QEMM back in the days was the only way to get darn Lemmings 2 to work with Sound Blaster effects on my 386. Nowadays, QEMM is able to run Curse of Enchantia on my Pentium MMX. No other configuration was able to make it run. I don't use QEMM by default, but I do respect it 🙂

Re: Whats the best 5.25inch drive installation configuration in a XT class machine.

Thought XTs can't handle high-density at all. I would go with 2 360K drives because that's how my XT used to be, so lots of XT software were built with that in mind. But if the machine had an HDD, typically they'd keep only one 360K drive. 3 or 4 floppy drives doesn't compute with me 😅 and I'd be …

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