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Re: CM32L drum kit on AWE32 MT-32 Emulation

I'm running Might & Magic 3 with MT-32 option for music under Win98. It works, but the walk sound effect plays a high note instead of the CM-32L's foot steps effect. In the AWE32 panel I have it loading the MT-32 sound bank. So if I have a CM-32L sound bank, that would possibly work? I never looked …

CM32L drum kit on AWE32 MT-32 Emulation

Hi, as I was browsing the SB AWE32 books, I found mention of loading the CM-32L drum kit. I got excited with the idea and wanted to try it with Might & Magic 3, which uses CM-32L for additional sound effects you miss on the MT-32. However, for the life of me I can't seem to figure out how to load …

Re: "The Tiniest 486 Computer" video

in Milliways
Nice it has that enclosure and screen. Points for the expansion cards and external IDE connector. I would also expose the FDD connector as well. A little concerned on heat dissipation.. does it vent well? The tiniest build I could achieve with real devices is my lego PC. 20221207_211239.jpg This is …

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