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Re: DVI not working on Geforce 4 Ti 4200

Yep, I'd suspect the same. Try safemode. If that is not working, you might need to find a screen you can connect via VGA to adjust the settings. Alternatively your card got a SVideo out, and if you have a cable and a screen for that, this might work as well (just for switching the settings)

Re: Using an FX 5200 for old games

Just received the oldest PCI card I could find for cheap, so yeah, its definitely the issue with the "too new PCI card" and the voltage. While these cards @theserpentrider mentioned exist, they are super rare/expensive. At that point you might as well replace the board...which is what I am going to …

Re: Using an FX 5200 for old games

The Serpent Rider wrote on 2023-03-16, 10:01: AT, by design, does not support 3.3V on anything, including CPU. Late AT-ATX combo motherboards may or may not support direct 3.3V passthrough from ATX connector. Would also be interesting to know which Graphics Cards do require 3.3V and which don't.

Re: Using an FX 5200 for old games

Checked the FX 5200 with an ATX Power supply now, but it makes no difference. So that card just doesnt work on the board, no matter the power supply. A low end PCI card is still being shipped, so I will test if it works in general at all.

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