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Windows 98SE is running on Intel 9th gen platform (bare metal)

in Milliways
Windows 98 installation process usually ends into a "Windows protection error"/ "VCACHE error" on the latest Intel generations. There are a couple of videos on YouTube with failed installations on 9th gen platform. (using real hardware) It took me like a working day (5PM to 1AM) to make it happen... …

Re: Windows 98SE Mini PCI Wifi card woes

in Windows
I'm using a USB stick for WiFi in Windows 98 - there are many early B/G dongles Windows 98 compatible. But I guess you just want to install that card for your peace of mind. You can take a look into registry also and delete devices from there and reinstall. This was the only way to get rid of a …

Re: Windows 95A on a 386SX/Ryzen 9

RAM was such a big thing. The biggest and unforgettable upgrade I have ever made was from 16MB RAM to 64MB SDRAM. In late 1998 and I was into Half Life with only 16MB RAM, the minimum requirements. Half life was designed with loading screens as you played. You passed a certain point - the screen …

Windows 95A on a 386SX/Ryzen 9

I can report that Windows 95A is working flawlessly on a Ryzen 9 configuration* Boot time is about 7 seconds with SATA drive in DOS mode. 3 min Youtube video with Windows 95 and some benchmarks I was able to copy the same Windows instalation on a 840MB drive and using an ISA - IDE card to boot it up …

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