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Re: PCI Sound card for Windows 3.11 & Dos 6.22?

Jo22 wrote on 2020-06-11, 15:30: I believe I do have some backups of my configuration mentioned above. Not sure if they are helpful, though, since they use older/different drivers.. Can't wait... I have the files: windrv.z (71k) legacy.z (456k) & sndset.z (2.2mb) - but 7zip/WinRar can t decode them …

Re: PCI Sound card for Windows 3.11 & Dos 6.22?

Just another witness of PCI sound in Windows 3.11... So..., I just received an Creative ES1371 Sound card (the chip is actually 1373) - I installed it - and tried the official driver from: 7501748.exe. No luck - the driver apparently installs - asks to restart computer but no file is copied or …

Re: MS-98L9 V2.0 , a new 1151MB with an ISA slot

in Milliways
IMHO, @188E it's not that expensive for a full ATX board with 2xGB LAN, not to mention the `ISA solution`. https://www.pinzaru.ro/wp-content/themes/pinzaru_ro/images/art/msi_isa.png But this one from DFI with 2xISA/4 PCI -socket 1151 (H310) is even more desirable... https://www.pinzaru.ro/wp-content …

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