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Any DOS/iMUSE hackers up for fixing X-Wing?

Ah, good old X-Wing, and it's awesome soundtrack, dynamic music, and haphazardly broken MT-32 support There are two releases of this game of interest (That I know about): The original Floppy disk release: - Soundtrack was supposedly composed on an MT-32 - Blasts out SysEx at high-speed, crashing …

Re: DOSBox + MT-32 = WIN!!!

> robertmo Oh? I have vague memories of a tiny number of games that didn't run properly with the MT-32, despite claiming support. I remember buffer underruns beings part of the problems.... Interesting. I never knew why... And for the life of me, I can't recall which titles.

Re: DOSBox + MT-32 = WIN!!!

I don't know if anyone here can answer this, I'd imagine only the person who wrote the win32-midi code could answer it without doing an inordinate amount of research. I see in dosbox.conf that there is a "config" statement, in addition to the "device" statement, in the [midi] block. I presume " …

Re: DOSBox + MT-32 = WIN!!!

Oh? I assumed the LAPC-1 would sound identical to the MT-32... I thought it was basically an MT-32 + MPU-401 interface on a card.... For my purposes the only differences would be the lack of a hardware power button (to reset the synth) and the lack of a hardware control interface to set the reverb …

DOSBox + MT-32 = WIN!!!

Holy Shit! First off, let me take this opportunity to offer thanks to the programmers and maintainers of this awesome project! I spent much of my childhood playing PC games rendered on an actual MT-32 device.... As time moved on, the MT-32 was retired, and eventually buried in a storage area... I …

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