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The VSA-100 based Quantum TX 8464

Hi. It's only today that I learned that Voodoo6 6000 was not the fastest VSA-100 based piece of hardware. Apparently, Quantum TX 8464 was, featuring 16 VSA-100 chips, but the information is really scarce: 975072082.jpg https://tweakers.net/nieuws/14633/nieuwe-quantum3d-aalchemy-producten.html …

Re: A3D or Sensaura for Thief/System Shock 2?

You may try Yamaha 7x4 series PCI cards ( Labway or Xwave made). I have good experience using both Yamaha 724 and Yamaha 754. There're three preconditions to be met, though: You should be running Windows 9.x ( Thief series runs well on Windows 2000 and XP, but there's no Sensaura support in the …

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