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Digital controller issue with Arkanoid 2

Hi, I'm trying to use Arkanoid 2 Revenge of Doh with a digital controller. but when using a joystick ( digital one, Competition Pro ) or a Pad the game is unplayable as the paddle goes immediately to the extreme left ( or right ). When leaving the controller untouched, the paddle goes immediately in …

Re: CT1750 : PC_SPK connector not working ?

OK I spent literally hours trying to mute this damn integrated speaker on the motherboard. Duck Tape : like nothing : Level 90% Self adhesive Square Rubber Pads : Level 70% I even tried to create a mold with hot glue gun on to create something like a cap : Level 70% I finally found a solution ! I …

Re: CT1750 : PC_SPK connector not working ?

Yes I want to have the sound coming from the SB16 only. And yes, seems I've 2 motherboard with integrated pc-speaker that can't be disabled. ( my Cuv4x doesn't have integrated sound card ) For the Matsonic for some reason the sound is only coming through the integrated. For the Cuv4x it's coming …

Re: CT1750 : PC_SPK connector not working ?

I've tried on another Motherboard, an Asus Cuv4x This time I'm getting the pc-spk output on both Sound card and integrated pc-speaker... So the issue is not the sound card 😀 Now I'm trying to figure out how I can leverage this "issue". Maybe some ducktape on the integrated pc-speaker

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