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Re: Weird OMTi 486 mb

While this may only be tangentially relevant to this thread, I think it's worth adding, nonetheless. I have had an FX-3000 motherboard for a while, and when I first received the board swapped the EPROM for an EEPROM loaded with the UMC480's corresponding MR-BIOS. I recently came across the original …

Re: P4 3.06 / RD-RAM / FX Graphics

So this is what I've cooked up to cool the ram for now. No errors yet in memtest 86. EDIT - Eventually it did start throwing up errors, so I've now switched over to a 1.5 gig setup with a couple of 256 meg 1066 modules I have. Dang, well I hope that 1.5GB is working well for you! I was curious and …

Re: P4 3.06 / RD-RAM / FX Graphics

Very nice build! I really appreciate the attention to detail and the fact that you’re going for the maximum i850E can offer—PC1066 and the 3.06GHz Northwood. Very, very cool! I’ve actually been planning a very similar build using the same board. The D850EMV2 is pretty awesome, being quite stable and …

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