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Re: Ark Logic PCI, an interesting VGA card.

Nice benchmarks! It's amazing what the Aussies created with this unassuming card. My quick Quake and Doom benchmarks showed GF2 GTS (AGP) = GF 256 DDR (AGP)> GF2MX (AGP)> ET6100 (PCI) > ARK (PCI) > everything else by a long way. The ARK and ET6100 are very close by a few fps and the same for the …

Re: Collecting rants

Can we all agree to be angry at the gold refiners on the bay these days. Searching for scrap lots always comes up with these fake "gold" bars that must contain little gold, be unprofitable to refine and put out a load of toxic fumes to make. Many CPUs were harmed in the making :( Glad to see any …

Re: Collecting rants

I hear all the pain points on collecting and prices. I guess retro console prices warned us what could happen. I sold plenty of my hardware as it became obselete and threw away game boxes to make space that now demand such high prices. Only the realisation that we have't got the same kind of quality …

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