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Re: All Sound Tracker - build

Have you thought about open source All Sound Tracker? There was some bugs. Maybe users fix it? :-) Now there are communities of downgraders who use DOS and other similar software. Perhaps people from this communities will be able to support the project (in github at least, at the "accept pull …

Re: All Sound Tracker - build

It sometimes takes years to answer.... 1. I see AST isn't available on the interwebs any longer. OK. I will put up a website with all content I have. I will post more details here, when it's done. Might take a few weeks. 2. I never finished that manual. In the end of the 90s it was also the end of …

Re: All Sound Tracker - build

Every now and then it happens. Someone finds AST and wants to build a machine. OK. A small guide from a developer: - Avoid SB32pnp cards unless you have Windows95 / Win98 for initialization (only start it once and exit to DOS again), same goes fow AWE64 - AST works best with "long" card of type …

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