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Media Vision Memphis

I've got some old hardware lying here and I don't really know what would be the best to do with it. I'd be happy if it could go to someone who could still do something with it. What do people here usually do in this case? I have for instance a Media Vision Memphis complete with disks and manuals. It …

Re: Lastest Linux version?

in MT-32 General
Thanks a lot for your reply. The CVS version seemed to work pretty good, I haven't been able to get it to work with Dosemu yet, but some midi files seemed to play great. It's also good to know the emulator is still in development 😀

Re: ADLIB GOLD support

Wouldn't the Adlib Gold drivers that some games might contain automaticly work when OPL3 support is added? I believe I could even use the Adlib Gold driver for Windows instead of the driver that came with my SB16 compatible soundcard (ALS100) to get midi sound in Windows.

Re: Error when running mt32d

in MT-32 General
I'm really sorry for replying so late. I just tried out the 3-15 version and it seems to work great. Although it seems to work faster than the Windows version, my pc is probably still too slow for it. I can play simple midi files with it now though. (My specs: AMD Athlon 1GHz, 512MB RAM, Via686a) …

Error when running mt32d

in MT-32 General
When I try to run mt32d, I get the following error: opening mt32 Init ALSA digital Error setting HW params: Invalid argument Ready to process events mt32d: pcm.c:1050: snd_pcm_writei: Assertion `pcm->setup' failed. Aborted Any idea what to do? I'm using SUSE 9.0 with kernel 2.4.21 and ALSA 0.9.7. …

System requirements

in MT-32 General
Currently the emu page says you'll need at least a P4 1.5GHz or a 1.2GHz Athlon. Will this change in future versions? I've only got a 1GHz Athlon myself and I would really like MT-32 emulation. Thanks in advance.

Re: Win9x + VDMSound **ALPHA**

Maybe you're trying to use a USB joystick in DOS games though? Well, I'm using a DirectConnect Gamepad from Thrustmaster with the gameport instead of just an analog joystick/gamepad. That's why I need the emulation. I found out that the emulation that comes with the gamepad doesn't work in …

Re: Win9x + VDMSound **ALPHA**

Would it be possible to only use the joystick emulation of VDMS9x? I've got a computer with a SB16 it in, but I can't get the dos emulation of the joystick drivers to work. Would it be possible to use VDMS9x for only the joystick emulation and not the sound emulation? Thanks in advance.

Re: Windows Glide Games List

in Deep Thought
FF VII does not support Glide. It supports Voodoo cards through Direct3D. The reason that compatibility is so low is because it uses 8-bit palleted textures. It took a very long time for NVidia to release a driver that supports this with their cards (only Geforce and higher I believe, not RivaTNT). …

Re: Win9x + VDMSound **ALPHA**

Works for me too in VMware in Linux with 98 FE. It runs really slow for me though, the sound is skipping alot, but that is probably VMware and not VDMs9x. Has anyone tried it in 95 yet? Edit: Just tried it in 95 in Win4lin: After clicking on install.bat I get the following error from RegSvr32: …

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