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Re: What is your unconscious motive for retro hardware ?

in Milliways
I'm particularly fond of my 8088 based machines (IBM PC, XT, and turbo XT clones). They're built from 100% through-hole chips (DIP and PLCC) and most of the 'glue logic' holding everything together is generic 74LS series TTL. I have full schematics and source listings for the IBM gear. The clones …

Re: CGA light pen strobe and latching?

in PC Emulation
Yep, so on the CGA there is a flip-flop (half of chip U11) with its Q output connected to the CRTC's LPEN input. (Check the schematics at e.g. http://www.minuszerodegrees.net/oa/OA%20-%20IBM%20Color%20Graphics%20Monitor%20Adapter%20(CGA).pdf for the gory details.) When you access port 3DB this …

Re: Challenge: Install W95 with only a HDD

When I'm installing Windows 95/98, I always copy the setup files to the HDD first and then run SETUP from there. I feel like the installation goes faster this way. As a bonus, in the future Windows usually won't bother to ask you to insert the Windows CD-ROM every time it finds new hardware to …

Re: Mystery chip on Trident PCI graphic card

in Marvin \ Video
Or a pencil eraser. Fixed dozens of cards this way. :) Just don't erase the PCB traces or gold-plated contacts! :) I once made the mistake of trying to "fix" some corroded gold card edge contacts using sandpaper. Oops. It did a great job at removing the corrosion... along with all the gold …

Re: What is your unconscious motive for retro hardware ?

in Milliways
For me, my first PC experiences were on a late-era 286 with VGA and soon after that a 386 Compaq. So I've been really interested in the dawn of the PC: the old IBM machines that kicked everything off, along with the myriad XT and turbo XT clones. Since I never experienced that era myself. A lot of …

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