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Re: CRT randomly makes popping noise

in Marvin \ Video
It could just be a bit of dust/moisture from sitting in storage for a long time. I picked up a CRT that was in good working condition, great picture, but had obviously been in storage for a loooooong time. It made a lot of snapping/popping noises when first powered on, but over the next 5-10 hours …

Re: Some sofware to do fake EGA scanlines?

in Marvin \ Video
Also, it's just on the edge of possible to coax a standard VGA into producing a 640x600 mode (37.5khz horizontal and 60hz vertical) using the 28mhz dot clock. The horizontal timings are tight but a good CRT can handle it. If you can then output a frame where each of the 200 EGA lines is …

Re: Some sofware to do fake EGA scanlines?

in Marvin \ Video
You can disable the double-scanning bit even in modes that enable it by default. That seems to be just what that 'VERDE' program does if you enable the scanlines option. The vertical CRTC parameters have to be set accordingly, and for a full-screen picture you'll end up with a doubled (or nearly so …

Re: What are some great games for 8088 computers?

in DOS
Playing Secret of Monkey Island on an 8088 is torture, but there it is on the front of the box. Barely playable was the norm back then, if you think Monkey Island was slow on an 8088 Secret of Monkey Island is quite playable (albeit a tad sluggish) if you've got a Turbo XT. I sure wouldn't want to …

Re: IBM VGA BIOS initialization

in PC Emulation
I seem to recall that "Vertical Retrace" (both the status bit and the optional interrupt) is triggered by the scanline counter reaching Vertical Displayed End. The intention must have been to inform the program "okay now you can write to video memory without worrying about screen tearing". …

Re: What is a genuine PC?

in Milliways
I did not know this! The source I recall reading on the matter (wish I remember what it was) led me to believe that the creation of a clone army was unintentional on IBMs part and more or less resulted from them "rushing it" - ie. the use of off-the-shelf parts was more of a timesaver than a …

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