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Re: Troubleshooting Mirosound FM10

in Marvin \ Sound
I marked the missing capacitors with red. I soldered them. The capacitor in the audio section (smaller) is twisted because I had to solder directly to the grommet - the pads were broken. I think I did it correctly. Just in case, I marked in yellow the place that looks like the laminate is detaching …

Troubleshooting Mirosound FM10

in Marvin \ Sound
CPU - P3-550 MOBO - Aopen AX6BC system - win98se I`m using drivers downloaded from http://www.mirosupport.de/ The problem is: there`s no way to hear the sound from this card. Neither from the DAC nor from the OPL. Dos mode is the only place the card gives any sign of life. I can use the SNDINDOS …

Sound blaster 2.0 CT1350 Troubleshooting no CMS music

in Marvin \ Sound
I am trying to run this sound card in CMS mode. I disconnected the jumper responsible for turning the CMS on / off and removed the FM chip. Creative CMS Music Player claims that the CMS card is not present in the system and monkey island and prince of persia are missing music. The system is aopen …

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