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blood3d audio delayed

Hello 😀 All sound in blood3d in dosbox 0.70 are slightly delayed. I'm running a very fast system, is there any way to decrease the latency? ie: firing a shotgun results in the sound being played when the animation is almost finished ! Thanks for any help!

Re: Cubic Player 1.7 works now!

:sly: Other people like these programs. Amazing. Do any of you have the same flashing file selector + sample view problem I mentioned? I think the button to activate the scrolling sample view in CP is "t", though it should be on automatically. If you load cp up in windows, of course, you'll have no …

Cubic Player 1.7 works now!

This probably means little to everyone here except me, but I'm pleased! I have one visible bug that I can see. It seems that the dosbox prompt cursor is somehow causing the file selection bar (in this program)to be invisible, and make files selected flash in the filemanager. If I load the player up …

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