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Windwos ME - Code 12

So trying to get this fixed but no idea how. Getting memory addresses conflict with my video card, and thus cant use it. Installed Win Me with the commad setup /p i , to skip ACPI (as the issue happened with regular install, so i thought it could be ACPI related, as the conflict said it was with …

X-FI Extreme Music drivers

Trying to install this card on a WinXP 32bit machine. Downloaded SBXF_PCDRV_L11_2_30_0004.exe from creative. The drivers install fine without errors, prompt for a reboot. However after reboot nothing changes, device manager still shows unknow audio device. This is on MSI MS-7641 motherboard with the …

CT4830 vs SB0220

Which one of these would be best for win98? From i read both are sound blaster live cards, but the SB0220 is Dell OEM. Should i just go for the CT4830 in that case and avoid the dell?

Re: My ghetto GPU storage

Nice, is it just any old cardboard? Not "old" cardboard. I took some then-new pieces of the same size (35x25x15cm) which I found convenient for my storage. This was way cheaper and better suitable than any other box storage systems I knew of. I am using these boxes for years now and am very …

My ghetto GPU storage

Had some time to kill today and came up with this. Put a layer of anti static wrap on the bottom, wrapped a few wood pieces with anti static wrap and screwed them in the drawer, then slot some cards. Any downsides to storing cards on their sides? So far ive usually just lay them down flat. https:// …

Bunch of old cards

I have these in my possession are any of them particularly worth it and i should take care of well? ATI 3850 AGP Rage 128 Ultra AGP GeForce ti4200 64mb AGP Dell Riva TNT 2 AGP Geforce 2 MX AGP Geforce 2 GTS AGP asus v9999 6800gt AGP GeForce 7900 GT PCIe Radeon 5870 PCIe Radeon 3870 PCIe GTX 480 PCIe …

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