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Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, bumped into it while I was looking into USB options for my pentium 120 rig. What I found was lots of great info and nice comments, so why not join the fun. The adventure for me started some 25 years ago, when my dad came home with IBM XT parts and monitors for us …

The MS-DOS After Installation Pack

Hi DOS users! Recently I found myself needing something that would make a quick DOS setup based on what I choose, just because it's easier than doing it all manually, which would involve digging up drivers, getting them onto a floppy diskette, and then messing about with startup files. That is why I …

Seeking for a very specific BIOS

I am not sure if this is allowed, or if it belongs here, however, I have scoured everywhere and simply cannot find it. The bios in question is an AMIBIOS, and the BIOS string is as follows: 51-0905-001150-00111111-071595-82430VX-000_10_VX623 If anybody here has a binary file of a BIOS with the …

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