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Re: Munt project still running?

@canadacow: Thanks for the message, canadacow. I thought you got rid of the project. Good to see a post from you. Any news about Kinguppy? @Reckless: I don't expect anything. And the project is not that important to me as it is to others, cause I have a real MT32 and CM32-L. But it's good to see …

Munt project still running?

I haven't seen any news for about three months now. (on the munt homepage). Are there still people working on the munt project? Is Kingguppy still alive? I haven't seen any posts in the forum in the last months from hin.

Re: Can I use the rom from a LAPC-1?

@ Kingguppy and Talus: IC2 is labeled Malaysia 9142 HM62256LP-12 R4057886. Thanks a lot about your help. Unfortuneately I won't desolder the device myself, cause I want to have a working CM-32L part of the device. I don't really need the Sound Canvas part, cause I also have a SC-55 at home.

Re: Can I use the rom from a LAPC-1?

I immediately replaced the sticker after I looked up the stamp of the ROM. So don't worry about the radiation. And by the way I think that a normal bulb light doesn't send out much UV light, cause the glass adsorbs most of the UV light. Sorry I have no EPROM programmer, although I wanted to buy one …

Re: Can I use the rom from a LAPC-1?

Sorry I don't have a camera at all. I borrowed a really bad one from a friend, so no good quality, but I can tell you what is written on the chips. One thing I recognized: the "SC-55 GS board" is an additional board on top of the CM-500 mainboard. I think I have found the PCM chips ( 4 chips: MN4264 …

Re: Can I use the rom from a LAPC-1?

So that were you who bought the CM-32L from the UK for 19,99 pounds as "buy now" item. I waited too long, cause I asked the seller about the shipping costs to Germany, and he said he will tell me, but it seems that you were quicker. I hope that I have a chance next time, now that you have all …

Re: Can I use the rom from a LAPC-1?

I just opened my CM-500 to located the ROM chips. I don't know much about the electronic devices in there but I located a removeable ROM-chip with 28 pins. On the top is written "CM-500 1.0.0". I know that you (KingGuppy) are not interested in this device, only in the CM-64. But I wanted to know if …

Re: DOSBox w/ built in MUNT Emulation

@ priestlyboy Thanks so much. Works better than some other CVS with MT32 support. But I have to say the original DOSBOX 0.61 with MT32.ROM instead of MUNT works best with e.g. Kyrandia1. The new version seems to have wrong instruments settings/sounds. And I also get some errors in the dialog box …

Re: Games that uses the CM-32L specific sound effects

The Dosbox window shows these informations: Config: Loading settings from config file dosbox.conf MT32: Set sample rate to 22050 MT32: Loading Control ROM MT32: Loading PCM ROM MT32: Initialising PCM Unit MT32: Initialising Patches MT32: Detected and using SIMD (Intel SSE) extensions MIDI: Opened …

Re: A silly and dumb question

No the CM-32P doesn't have a GM sounds list. It already uses PCM architercture. (no LA-synthesis as the MT-32 ect.) It consists of only 64 sound patches. But they are great, much much better than the ones of an SC-55.

Re: Win32 DosBox 0.62 version

I compared the new version with the old one. I can say there are problems in some games like "Legend of Kyrandia1". In the introduction there are problems with some custom instruments (loaded by sysex) with the new version. The old DosboxMt32 didn't have this problem. It's really bad sounding.

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