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Windows XP - 980 ti 4k 60 - EAX to Atmos

Obviously, the 780 Ti is already overkill for Windows XP gaming FPS. I've got a living room set up I'm working on that's pretty nice. Sony 295 ES, 120 inch screeen, 4k 60hz. True 5.2.4 Atmos. In ceiling speakers with backer boxes. It's the real deal. It's not a dedicated home theater. It's just a …

Windows XP Lan Computers

My friend and I are building a number of computers for XP Lan Parties. Our assumption is, if we build it, they will come. We've got about four windows xp machines already built from spare parts and old rigs that vary from a 980x/780ti to a AMD643200/Ti4200. We're building eight dells to augment our …

Steam streaming

I can't get it to work. I've got a 6700k 2080 ti system in my office. Im trying to stream to my living room system, a 980x 780 ti win10/xp machine. I wanted to stream games like Mfs to my TV. I successfully streamed a Paw Patrol game from the living room computer to my office, but I cannot stream …

Re: Video Card prices

Ya, that's pretty funny. Sold my 1080 Ti. And I thought it was overpriced when I bought it. CL - highest offer was 600 FB - Angry teenagers demanding justice Ebay - took an offer of 750, buyer had a good rating, If there was no crypto craze, I estimate that the street value of a 1080 Ti would be 275 …

Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 10 - TRIPLE BOOT - Is It Possible?

in Windows
I want it all. Don't question my motives. They are pure and strong. I just bought a 980x and an Asus P6X58D. I want to run 10 on an 950 Samsung m2. I want to run 7 off an SSD. And Windows XP off an HDD. I'm currently dual booting on a 6700k system. It boots to a light blue screen where I can select …

Re: Video Card prices

I'm guessing my original post was too long. I've got a spare 1080 Ti. I bought it for $400. I might be able to sell it for over $800. Do you think we're at the peak? Should I sell now? Or will the madness continue? And I should wait to sell it for $1000?

Video Card prices

So last September I saw 2080 Ti's going for a little less than 600 bucks on fleabay. And I thought no way. I'm gonna wait. Prices are going to get better. 3000s and 6000s are just around the corner. So I bought a 1080 Ti FTW3 for the third time for $400 (I change up graphics cards a lot) to hold me …

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