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Re: The great Pentium Pro haul of 2018

in Milliways
I just saw the YouTube video posted from January 12 and saw the links to this thread in the video description. So sad to learn I'm far too late. Those are quite nice systems! So envious of the people who got them.

Re: Coding help

I'd like to get around to writing some code that uses assembler for at least two of my applications in the suite, but I'm already struggling with learning old C. Not sure if I'll be able to pick up x86 assembler as well. :-/ What runtime are you targeting? 16bit, 32bit, protected mode? 16bit real …

Re: Coding help

I suspect as much as well. Unfortunately my collection of old beginner-level C/C++ books don't go into explanation of the different memory models and when one is appropriate to use over the other. I did a search for "dos memory model pointer sizes" and the first two links seem useful: https:// …

Re: Coding help

I don't think I'd need more than 16 bytes of data, but I'm wary of using an area of memory that other applications may write to unexpectedly. Yes, it seemed a bit scary to me at first looking back at it until I realised that since under DOS there isn't multitasking, you won't have any other …

Re: Coding help

Ok, so I think I'm getting the hang of this old school coding. I'm still having some problems using some of the C++ standards in the STLport for the DIgital Mars compiler, such as string and cout (lots of errors about bad header references in the iostream.h file). Did you get these sorted out? Sort …

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