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Re: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 Capacitor Help

Digikey, mouser, etc. (depending on where you live and what's available) are generally good places to look for buying caps. They're all probably going to be aluminum electrolytic or aluminum polymer depending how much money you feel like spending (polymers are more expensive, but will last longer …

Re: No signal from VGA->HDMI converter

I quickly searched for VGA monitors available in my local stores and found Dell E1715S , which is 60Hz as well. I was thinking about getting this monitor just for retro setups but now I'm unsure. from what I can find, the monitor you've linked has a range of 56 - 76 Hz vertically; it should be fine …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

maxtherabbit wrote on 2022-05-18, 14:35: In one of the firmware updates released in the last year or two, marqs added a AGC clamp adjustment setting to correct those colour shifts Well TIL I'm not on the latest; device was shipped to me with 0.81.

Re: VGA Capture Thread

Running my DOS machine through an OSSC into a E2S does some odd things depending on the game, mostly on the OSSC end. Epic Pinball Pack 1 on Android, for instance, will shift more blue as the screen goes up and the sector flashing in Duke 3D bleeds over into UI elements when it doesn't in the game …

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