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Is there a way to trick a program that is running on Windows 98FE to make it think that it’s running on Windows 98SE?

Ok, I know this is stupid, but I recently found the disc for Scrabble CE, one of my childhood win98 games. I installed it, then ran it and it said “This game is not supported on your operating system, please upgrade to Microsoft Windows98 Second Edition or later” Is there a way to trick a program to …

Re: Problematic Windows games list

ToonTown Online (2003) will be a pain in the butt to get running if the video card you are using does not have vintage D3D support (e.g Radeon 550/570 can run modern D3D stuff like the steam version of Halflife 2, but Doom3 cannot run). If the system has a midrange IGP (such as Radeon Vega 8 ), TT …

Why I use Neosoft QuickMenu 3 instead of Windows for a DOS GUI

in DOS
Neosoft's QuickMenu 3 is my go-to GUI when I install a fresh DOS install because of these things 1. It works on all my old systems Thats right, it works on every old system from 8088's to Pentium 3s. I have not seen any real fuss on my 286 and Pentium 2 machines. 2. More Stable I have seen less …

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