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Re: Do you even need a vintage machine?

Its not technically required , but having a vintage machine can be fun, I was recently playing descent on my dos pc and enjoying it on a nice big 21 inch Trinitron G500 monitor and listening to the midi soundtrack on my roland SC55 connected to a bug free genuine MPU 401 and outputted through some …

Re: Running DOS games from Win98 Explorer

I generally just stick to using DOS to minimize compatibility problems , basically the idea is if I run the right OS and contribute the right hardware , it should avoid any additional weirdness that running through windows might bring , sure sometimes you might need kludges anyway but the idea is to …

Re: Amiga - better graphics because of worse monitors?

Amiga 1200's formfactor absolutely fucked it over. It shared design philosophy with the Amiga 500, which was in public perception a computer you would buy and use as is except for a memory upgrade. The sidecar hard drive expansions and sophisticated accelerators, to 99% of the owners, were not an …

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