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Heatsink dust cap?

Does anyone here have experience with sunon maglev coolers? For some reason there's a cover/sticker thing on the back where you'd usually mount it to the gpu , should I take it off or leave it on? Filename s-l500 (5).jpg File size 20.58 KiB Views 172 views Filename s-l1600 (43).jpg File size 80.13 …

Re: Why is Gravis Ultrasound very expensive?

in Windows
Basically because its rare and niche, same reason the adlib gold fetches stupid amounts. Once you delve into the less mainstream stuff that sold poorly but had some kind of killer feature of the time , which ironically didn't save it anyway , people naturally want to climb over each other to get it. …

Re: XCOM Blasphemy

I first played XCOM back in 1994 when I got my first 486. I remember enjoying it and thinking it was a really difficult game, so I got distracted and never completed it. Recently, I revisited XCOM ( OpenXCOM this time) and finished the game. Here are my thoughts: Nostalgia is a powerful thing. The …

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