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Re: AWE64 CD audio issues?

Repo Man11 wrote on 2022-03-23, 02:05: RYZINN wrote on 2022-03-23, 01:42: Win95, sorry. Pentium 200 if that matters. Okay, is DMA enabled for the optical drive? Wasn't sure if that was a thing for win95 or not. Anyway, just checked, it was disabled. Enabled and restarted. That did the trick! Thank …

Re: AWE64 CD audio issues?

Thanks for the reply! Yeah sorry, its more of a stuttering sound. Like the cd itself is skipping? It's especially prominent during any kind of cutscene. Starcraft's opening cinematic for example. If I get a minute, I'll try and take a video of the issue.

AWE64 CD audio issues?

Hey all, I built a retro rig sometime ago and went with a standard AWE64 ISA card. The card itself works flawlessly for most of my DOS games and a few CD games, however some games that rely for CD audio have issues. Mainly choppy, static sounds, (Simpsons virtual springfield, Beavis + butthead …

Issues with Quake2 3DFX OpenGL + Voodoo1 4mb/Win95

in Windows
I installed a Diamond Monster 3d 4mb nto a Socket 7 mobo not too long ago. It runs the Tomb Raider demo, Descent 2, and some other demos that came with the driver disc that I have on hand. That being said, Quake 2 does not seem to recognize my card and I'm not exactly sure why. I select 3DFX OpenGL …

Weird VOODOO 1 issue with DOOM 1.

in Windows
Recently got a voodoo 1 up and running on my pentium 133. So the scenario plays out like this. I fire up Descent 2, a 3dfx compatible game, the voodoo card *CLICKS*, my monitor turns off and on w/ the 3dfx logo popping up and Descent 2 running nicely. Play the game for a bit, exit out, decide to run …

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