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Re: VRM 5v 3.3v

You can use this schematic, but you will have to adapt the pinout. First you must measure the voltages of your 20-pin connector. 1. Remove the jumper block and the CPU 2. turn on the machine 3. measure with a voltmeter between ground and the pins to determine which ones are the 5V input pins 4. …

Re: VRM 5v 3.3v

Well that´s 10 jumpers = a jumper block. Most of them are connecting 5v to the CPU socket some are ground connectors. Finding the original (proprietary) VRM will be quite a challange. A DIY VRM is an option if you can handle a soldering iron well. The easiest way would probably be using an …

Re: VESA feature connector devices

Yes. Video Blaster ISA. There were several standards. EGA and then VGA. I believe the VGA edge is compatible to the 26pin one. Datasheets mention 80-pin VAFC (VESA Advanced Feature Connector) with 16bit interface but none of my cards has one. Here´s an example of an 80-pin VAFC connector on a FIC …

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