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Re: Doom engine - sound driver hacking

in DOS
Thank you for this! I have no idea if there is a real difference between GS or GM in Doom, but the fact it is using the SC-55 mapping on the Roland SCVA as opposed to GM mapping makes me feel better! 🤣

Re: Phantasmagoria MT-32 Option Broken?

The "chant" is just a Midi version of "Ahhh". It's hard to actually explain the just the main exploration music has like an "Aaaaaaaaah - ah" to it. WHere the first extended "Aaaahs" grow in volume and then the second shorter "aah's" decreases in volume. You'll have to be more specific in terms of …

Re: Phantasmagoria MT-32 Option Broken?

Hey Daemonrunner, You're operating under a few correct conceptions, but also a few misconceptions as well. Let's see if I can clear them up. Sierra was the champion of the MT-32, yet, something seems off with the MT-32 option in Phantasmagoria. This is correct - for the late 80s and early 90s. …

Phantasmagoria MT-32 Option Broken?

Sierra was the champion of the MT-32, yet, something seems off with the MT-32 option in Phantasmagoria. Mainly, the opening portion of the chants is practically inaudible - if you really crank up the volume, it sounds almost like a whisper or a wind sound. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be? The …

Munt/Munt Vsti MT-32 Old

Not sure if this question has been answered somewhere else on this site, but do I need to use different ROMs to emulate the work-arounds used with of the MT-32 old for certain games to get the correct sound (e.g Space Quest 1 VGA)? Currently I have two different settings using the Munt VSTi - one …

Re: Beneath a Steel Sky CD - Roland music + SB Speech

in DOS
What do you mean you can't get Roland Music and speech? Are you trying to run the game in DOSBox or something? Running the game via SCUMMVM (which the GOG version defaults to using) with the system setup to use an MT-32 device (well, for this game, CM-32L and above) does both Roland and voice - in …

Re: Windows 10 stops detecting Munt.

I had the same problem and I found it useful to remove the driver using drvsetup uninstall from the C:\Program Files\munt\mt32emu_win32drv directory using the Command Prompt. Then I use loopMidi and create an new MT-32 Midi port. From within Munt, I simply click New Midi Port and select the MT-32 …

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