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Re: Retro Software Development?

Maybe this is something to consider too... Looks like some OS folks were not too happy about M$ acquirement of GitHub: https://sfconservancy.org/GiveUpGitHub/ The vogons forums would definitely be a more neutral ground from this perspective.

Re: Game environments that left a lasting impression

in Milliways
For me, that moment in Fallout3 when you first go outside of the Vault...just wow. Back in the day I was very sceptical about fo3 steering away from the isometric-turnbased style, but fo3 won me over very quickly once I played it. I did enjoy the sequel New Vegas too, but atmosphere-wise fo3 feels …

Re: oldversion.com down?

It says 503, maybe the server is taking a summer vacation :D archive.org doesn't help here but AfterDawn seems to carry many versions: https://www.afterdawn.com/software/desktop/pdf/foxit_pdf_reader.cfm/v2_3_build_2825#all_versions I guess build #2825 is the one you're looking for (with #2923 …

Re: UniPCemu Windows 95/NT progress and issues

in PC Emulation
Microsoft documentation on Bug Check 0x7B holds the explanation for the "garbage", it's an UNICODE_STRING structure holding a pointer to the actual string. OK. So the string is at E1101688h with 44h out of 46h bytes used? Yeah that's what I was thinking as well. The Microsoft page says this could …

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