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NEC Ready 9710

All, I have a NEC Ready 9710 that was kindly donated to me from a friend, but he has no disks with it. I have got everything installed and it works great, but I can't break the 8.4 GB limit on the HDD (CF Card). Does anyone know where I can get a BIOS update if any? Also, I downloaded one of the …

Re: Dell Inspiron 3000 M266XT DOS Sound Issues

Quick update. I had to change the settings of the Audio in the BIOS to Auto instead of PnP Os. This seems to let the card function properly. I am able to run the cwbinit.exe from the official Dell driver with the /O command and the firmware downloads. The CWBMix application then seems to function. I …

Dell Inspiron 3000 M266XT DOS Sound Issues

Hello, I have tried searching high and low and utilizing multiple driver downloads, but cannot get the CS4327b sound card to work in DOS mode on this Laptop. Utilizing the official Dell driver or the ones posted on this site, I am presented with the following issue every time I run cwdinit.exe or …

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