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Re: Blood 2 missing audio on PCem 17

At least make sure your guest OS is Windows 9x (95+DX6, 98, 98SE, Me). Blood 2's known to break on NT+ OSes in various ways. There is a possible dynarec regression causing the music to not play, though it doesn't affect Shogo the same way. There should at least still be sound effects. Music still …

Blood 2 missing audio on PCem 17

hi everyone, I was trying to play Blood 2 the chosen on PCem, but the audio is missing during a game while in the menu it works, I tried to mount the image also with daemon on host but nothing, any solution ?

Re: Mouse issue Defiance (1997)

ZellSF wrote on 2020-12-22, 13:52: There are only two versions: Retail and one patch. I'm running the patched version. Abandonware is not supported here. thank you for your help, I was able to download the patch on the net and apply it to the game, now the directdraw version works without problems! …

Mouse issue Defiance (1997)

Hi everyone, I'm trying to make this game work in directdraw mode, when I start the game and move the mouse a few centimeters the game dies, I tried with all the existing wrappers but to no avail, any help? MY SYSTEM: Windows 10 Pro P.s: changing dgvoodoo's api rendering output to the newer one …

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