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Re: LaXDragon.com

Sorry, not sorry for the Necro-post. But, just wanted to add that I'm still at this and updating this page. The list of revisions to the computers I have has grown quite long in almost 20 years (6782 days, woo) since the original post.

Re: How over powered are modern PCs?

in Milliways
For some tasks, yes, by a wide margin modern PCs are overpowered. How much power do you need for email or a word processor really? That said, for other tasks there still just isn't enough juice. High end gaming always pushes PCs to the limits.

Re: DOSBox Pure ?

in Milliways
I spent quite a bit of time playing with it. I rather like it from the perspective of using on my couch gaming rig. I use BigBox to launch games on that, and have for years now. With Pure I've been able to add a curated list of a select few dos games that are console-ish. Within minutes of setting …

Re: Where to find good DOS game icons.

in Milliways
Ha! Nothing like digging up a 15 year old thread! Man, I've been at this a LOOOOOOONG time. Honestly, I don't remember where I keep those old icons. I recall that I had been manually importing icons into Quickmenu III, but since QM3 uses a different 16 color palette, the icons would often come out …

Re: GTX 970 "3.5GB Edition" $30 refund in the USA

in Milliways
The claim links are not available yet. They will make another announcement when they are ready. Despite all the controversy over the RAM, I still rather like my 970. I've had mine for almost 2 years now, and it is still holding up, even with VR. I might get another year out of it before I think …

Re: The GTX 1060 Thread

in Milliways
The future is dx12 / vulkan and the 480 will be king of those games. First off, the 480 is a perfectly fine mainstream card. I'm sure you will be very happy with it. But, calling it king is a bit of a stretch. In the latest DX12 3DMark benchmark the 1060 narrowly beats out the 480 both with async …

Re: HTTPS is available

in Milliways
It did, but only older style encryption. Modern websites use TLS 1.1 and above. Anything else is considered insecure. Even 1.1 is being phased out I believe.

Re: System Shock Remake Demo

in Milliways
I'm very impressed. The attention to detail is quite astounding. Hopefully they can pull this off and continue this level of production quality. My only niggle is they need to bump the texture quality up a bit. I'm sure they will or at least offer the option to do so. Backed! I think this game could …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
My Oculus Rift CV1 arrived over the weekend. Been spending quite a few hours since then in the virtual realm. There are even plenty of "retro" things that can be done in VR. Playing the original DOOM and Quake brings a new feel to those classics. There is even a virtual arcade that can be downloaded …

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