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Re: What is PCI-X?

Guessing your in the same boat as I was few years ago. I had a server of some type that I was looking to upgrade just for the sake of upgrading. As others have said Network and RAID cards are the cheap options, neither of which interested me. Graphics was the most interesting option but PCI-X cards …

Re: Newly made ISA CL-GD5434

douglar wrote on 2023-01-28, 16:32: https://www.findchips.com/search/cl-gd5434 Although I found mine the hard way, in a recycle bin, attached to a diamond speedstar 64 graphics card. I see many versions of the gd5434. Are some for pci I take it? Which is the best one?

Re: Newly made ISA CL-GD5434

What was the error you found? Btw, looking for an opinion, I have a isa speedstar 64 (oem) and it glitches with 2mb installed. I want to fix it, I’m leaning toward the gpu being damaged. But the possibility of the 1st mb maybe having unused areas that are then used when 2mb is installed crossed my …

Re: USB ISA cards?

Should I get the ROM for it? Load xt-ide on it? Hi, You can't use a ROM on it because the address lines are not decoded correctly. I made an optimized version of the DOs Driver for this board, you can find it in this thread. Is there a way to hardware hack the socket to correct the problem? …

Re: An EPIC Socket-8 Build

Done some testing with my PPRO with 1MB chip running at 233MHz, Windows 95 OSR2, 128MB Q3A demo, default settings, 800x600: Voodoo2 12MB ... 28.9 - no sound Voodoo2 12MB ... 27.3 - low quality sound Voodoo2 12MB SLI ... 31.5 - no sound Voodoo2 12MB ... 28.8 - low quality sound Voodoo 5 5500 PCI... …

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