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Re: Missing chip on CT2770 soundblaster

Noticed some jumper blocks that I missed. All fixed. Filename image.jpg File size 1.66 MiB Views 55 views There are also some ICs above where the missing chip is. Not sure what’s supposed to go there though. Or what they are for.. Might need some help from someone with the full card to make some …

Re: Missing chip on CT2770 soundblaster

It arrived!!! Filename DB98B912-E957-437A-BDBA-848CD8925955.jpeg File size 1.65 MiB Views 67 views Got it all cleaned up, Added the missing plugs, Filename 3338EC10-0450-4E06-A1EB-EAEAB70B293F.jpeg File size 1.61 MiB Views 67 views It’s detected!!! Filename 4174C321-9221-4A6B-B9C5-E82D2F0139AD.jpeg …

Re: My socket 5/7 cpu collection.

Amd cpus: *****K5:***** Ceramic: 75mhz: Pr75 small logo grey serial, p75 black serial large logo 100mhz: dont have 200mhz dont have Ceramic Gold Top: *****K6:***** 166mhz: 166alr 2.9v black logo 200mhz: 200alyd 2.9v black logo+laser, 200alr 2.9v black logo 233mhz: 233anr 3.2v black logo+laser 266mhz …

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