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Re: Best OS for Ibook G4?

BetaC wrote on 2022-01-09, 09:34: What do you mean by that? do you mean full screen games/apps running in a small window? If so, that's not uncommon for classic Mac OS applications. No, entire desktop screen is reduced to half-screen.

Re: Best OS for Ibook G4?

Have you checked to see if the system can natively boot Mac OS 9? I believe all but the post-2003 iBooks can. If yours can, I can generally recommend doing that. macos9lives has a way to get it up and running, if you google their 9.2.2 stuff. Unfortunately, even custom MacOS9 iso tailored for …

Re: Best OS for Ibook G4?

Edit: There's an interesting read at Macintosh Garden ("Tiger/Panther classicmode smooth emulation") that explains : "Jaguar plays classicmode games smoothly, Panther and Tiger can't play a lot of games due to what's been called the implementation of "double buffered" screen memory." That was …

Best OS for Ibook G4?

I'm gonna use full potential out of this machine but most of ties to leave OSX Tiger became traumatic. I want it to make gaming machine or modern OS for surfing net and stuff. OSX Tiger - decent as gaming platform although performance is dissapointing, especially in Classic Mode (e.g, Tie Fighter …

Re: Voodoo 5 emulation

in PC Emulation
The Serpent Rider wrote on 2021-11-29, 21:11: It's not all that useful to emulate Voodoo 5 fully in software. I wonder what would be more likely to be released sooner or later: PCem-like emulation or FPGA Voodoo5?

Voodoo 5 emulation

in PC Emulation
Before PCEM died there was a thread about possible graphics cards emulation. While something like first GeForce was excluded as impossible, Voodoo 5 was mentioned as hard but doable. My questions: 1. How powerful should be PC to emulate V5 (with current specs like CPU / RAM available for PCEM 17 and …

Re: Fastest emulators period

EDIT: according to https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/UAE_(emulator) , it was actually possible to usably run some stuff meant for an Amiga 500 by late 1997, but I still doubt a Pentium 1 would suffice. Back in the day, in 11/1996 issue of Polish magazine Secret Service that was a mention of working …

Re: Most advanced game to run on Voodoo 5

kolderman wrote on 2021-01-14, 18:03: Define "run". You probably don't want to play Doom 3 on a voodoo 5. 'Ugly but with playable framerate' - and that's how Doom 3 runs on V5 AGP on youtube clip. Also check HL2 - it runs much better than Xbox port (and og. Xbox has GeForce 3). I'm sure we can go …

Most advanced game to run on Voodoo 5

Hi, I was a big fan of early 3dfx back in the day, scored Rush / V2/ V3 (Voodoo 2 was my 3D accelerator, switching from SoftMode to Glide in Quake 2 was mind-blowing back then) but unfortunatelly, I dropped modern gaming in 2001 thanks to retared arm race and stuck with my Pentium 200 MMX rig for …

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