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Can't Find Sony Vaio VGC-LV150J Restore Discs

Anyone know where I can find the restore discs for this? It's an interesting TV all in one computer I've had for a while but I can't find the restore discs for it. I've checked archive.org, but I can't seem to find it there and Googling isn't really getting me anywhere either. So if anyone can link …

Re: Should I upgrade the heatsink on my 9800 Pro AIW?

shevalier wrote on 2023-08-15, 02:36: Use a thermal camera (or your finger 😀 . And looped Nature test from 3Dmark03. And everything will become clear. It's been a bit since I've used the card. I don't remember the cooler getting overly hot, but I could always give it the old finger test and see if …

Should I upgrade the heatsink on my 9800 Pro AIW?

I have a Radeon 9800 Pro All in Wonder that still has the stock heatsink with a fan that still seems to run okay. I've repasted the card, but I'm still worried that the card might die since 9700/9800s are known to drop like flies. I have one of those cheap Chinese eBay coolers, but I'm not sure if I …

Re: The Goggle.com story

in Milliways
Going purely off my memory, I always remembered hearing that it would do a drive by attack on your system and give you some sort of malware/adware. Never had any first hand experience since I was way too young, but this is what I've always heard about it. Don't know if it was real or fake, I could …


in Milliways
I have two OLED panels, one in my original Vita and one in my Vivobook laptop. I think they both look fantastic and I love using them. Haven't really noticed any noticeable ghosting with either, I've seen way worse ghosting on just about every other LCD panel I've ever used. That's not to say there …

Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

in Milliways
I've been upgrading several Optiplex 3040s for my mom's work. A couple of which had failing Seagate hard drives so... that was fun trying to back up. Also these machines require DDR3L instead of just regular DDR3. I wish I had known that before opening one of the packages of new RAM I had bought …

Re: Were you ever hurt by a computer?

in Milliways
I burned my finger on a Athlon XP once because I was an idiot and ran it with no heatsink. In my defense, I thought the motherboard was dead and was trying to see if I could get life out of it. It happened to come to life at the worst possible time... Had a pretty nasty blister for awhile.

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