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Re: Setting pcem for win98 with voodoo

Were you actually able to get FS2000 to run on Windows 10? I can get it to install just fine but won't launch on Windows 10 64-bit. I get the "this app can't run on your pc" Funny thing is, Flight Sim for Windows 95 launches and runs. As far as PCem. I have a i5 7600K 3.8-4.2 ghz, I can emulate the …

Re: Setup.exe/Autorun.exe suddenly stopped working?

in Windows
I found the solution! I noticed the "32-bit setup launcher" was sitting in task manager everytime I ran setup.exe. (about 10 of them at this point) and a simple google search turned this up on reddit. Turns out it was being held up by another task. I terminated it and the installation popped right …

Setup.exe/Autorun.exe suddenly stopped working? Win 10 64bit

in Windows
I have been playing a couple older games using dgvoodoo and have installed them twice in the past couple weeks. After some tinkering and getting one of the games (Madden 99) where I want, I decided to do a fresh install this morning. After un-installing however, windows does nothing when I try to …

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