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Re: Post your 'current' PC

This is my main pc, I assembled it in 2014 for games and general use and since then the only change it had was a new acrylic cover 2 years ago and this year I replaced the psu with a new certified one, I never put filters on it. I air the fans so I have to clean it every so often Specs: - AMD FX- …

Re: What's the dumbest retro mistake you've made?

Mine was when I was testing a cd drive on a pc and it was inside the case but without screws, then I unplugged it and took the pc with me, ignoring that the cd drive was not holding on to anything ... The unit fell off and you can imagine that I didn't need any more tests after that ... In my words: …

IBM PC 330 486 (CMOS error 161, onboard video not working and a couple of other problems ...)

Hello, I recently registered in the forum, but it has been a couple of years since I usually go through info, it is an excellent community and I should have registered before. Getting to the point ... last week I bought an ibm pc 330 socket 3 and it came with a 387mb and 16mb ram 72 pin SIMM disk …

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