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Re: K6-2+ Questions

I have tested the functionality of Voodoo3 2000 PCI even at FSB 83MHz on almost the same board (M590). But it doesn't have an AGP port, so I can't test the AGP cards. The integrated one (SiS 6326 AGP 2x) works on FSB 83MHz without any problems either. You have a more powerful and faster CPU, but …

Re: What am I missing with the 6800 GT?

in Marvin \ Video
I like my MSI NX6800 128TD. At the time it was presented, I had something from the red camp (maybe unlocked Radeon 9800SE?, I think), so years later I was happy to get something from the competition for the next retrobuild. It may not have been a groundbreaking GPU, but it's nice to have something …

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