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Re: Videocard no signal

in Marvin \ Video
You need disable onboard VGA (S3 I think?), it is jumper J23 - pins 2-3 enabled, 1-2 disabled. You can download manual here: https://www.manualslib.com/products/Digital-E … dx-9032719.html

Re: Maya44 PCI sound card

in Marvin \ Sound
You can find the review in Czech here: https://www.svethardware.cz/recenze-test-5-po … h-karet/16138-3 The driver is also available for W98SE, but it is .wdm, so I doubt the correct functionality under DOS. https://download.esi-audio.com/?w=esi&p=14&g=1&l=en

Re: Hot EMU8000

in Marvin \ Sound
Thank you all. Anyway, the card's working fine so far, so I'll leave the passive radiator and see. Interestingly, the PCB coloration is only on the back and not around the EMU8000 chip from the front. At first I wondered, if there might have been some other hot chip, that would have turned the PCB …

Re: Hot EMU8000

in Marvin \ Sound
Thank you for your input. Yes, it is IC405A. The card was originally installed in the lowest ISA slot in a small AT case and I'm afraid the airflow there was zero (no case fan) - so is it possible,that there was local overheating? Or is it still an abnormal condition? Then what could have caused it …

Hot EMU8000

in Marvin \ Sound
On the back of the SB32 sound card I see a visible change in the colour of the PCB caused by the heat load from the EMU8000 chip. The chip was very warm to the touch, so I fitted it with at least a passive radiator with hot-conducting adhesive tape. I mean, is this heat load normal or is there …

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