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Sound in some games but not others?

I have just got into Dosbox as i thought playing some old games during lockdown, would burn some time up. I have found some old 'friends' Doom, Doom2, Duke3D, Quake and various other Dooms. I have sound in one Doom but none of the other Dooms Quake does not have sound Duke3d did have sound but now …

Re: Dos Trouble

in DOS
Thanks for the rep[lys, i have all straightened out now. I forgot to put "users" in the path to the games folder.

Re: Dosbox mount command on a MAc

Thanks for the reply. I forgot about 'users' !!!! it's one level above my name. Many thanks for that.DUKE3D Just my luck the first i tries had an install.exe which didn't work, i'll stick dos.6.22 on my laptop pc and go that route. I'll get there.

Dosbox mount command on a MAc

I have loaded Dosbox on my Mac, But i can't get the path right to mount the games folder. I have installed Dosbox on an old PC and that is all up and running. The problem is that a Mac does not have a C:\ drive as such, the drive is in my name "FRED" shall we say. Any further back you need to look …

Re: Dos Trouble

in DOS
Read this with great interest as i an struggling with it as well. On a PC i got a game to load and run, but i'm dammed if i cn get a game to run on my Mac.

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