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Re: 0.09 Alpha 7 Release

Paul, I wonder if those 9a7, 9a8, 9rc1, 9rc2, 9rc3 crashes are not just for my machine as it looks like other tried those versions without any problem. Would you be able to do a diff with cvs between 9a6 and 9a7 on the changes between those 2 versions. Perhaps there is "something" that could explain …

Re: 0.09 Alpha 7 Release

Well, I am not from your development team or poll of testers so ignore my comments if I am not supposed to bug you guys :D I hate to be a bearer of bad news so hopefully all is fine and I am wrong in some way (surely :)). When I replace openglide 9a4 with 9rc3 I have the following message that pops …

Re: Sound Blaster Timeline

Well, I can bring one answer to the C/MS question : Before doing Sound Blasters, Creative Labs did also another card known as the Game Blaster. the C/MS chips are what make the Sound Blaster 1.0 compatible with the Game Blaster. Note that the SB1.5 and 2.0 did not come with C/MS chips but you could …

Re: Bochs 2.0

Based on x86-64 Architecture Tech Docs published by AMD here : www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ProductInf ... dir=CPX801 I believed Bochs 2.0 programmers just followed these docs. Therefore emulation of x86-64 instructions looks possible.

Re: Sound Blaster Timeline

Sound Blaster WAVE: SAMPLE RATE: 5kHz - 22.1kHz RESOLUTION: 8-bit CHANNELS: monaural 3D AUDIO: none MIDI: TYPE: fm POLYPHONY: ? ROM: none RAM: none SNR: 48dB FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 100Hz - 10kHz CD AUDIO: none Well, from a book I bought a long time ago about Sound Blaster cards : Sound Blaster 1.0 & …

Re: DX9 Redist & SDK

Installed dx9 with my GeForce4 Ti4200. Ran 3DMark2001SE b330 to check that everything was ok. Got a 1% speed increase ... Geeezzzz .... Well at least for those GeForce4 users there is no real rush to upgrade if you do not feel like it. Else, so far so "good" .

Interesting link

Yes true, but you have to remember that "TV/movie" video and "computer output" video are very, very different. Read this: http://www.daniele.ch/school/30vs60/30vs60_1.html Quite an interesting article. Especially the demonstration at the end with the peripheral vision that everybody can try on his …

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