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Re: Mixer for computer collection

I use a 6-channel mini mixer and it works and sounds great: https://www.amazon.com/Moukey-MK0149-RD-FR-Ultra-Low-Noise-6-Channel/dp/B08BBXK8CY/. This brand also makes 4 and 8 channel versions of this mixer. I'd love something with quick mute buttons but for only $26 the value is pretty incredible. …

Re: Why doesn't Secret of Monkey Island (awmonkey.mid) sound correct with Roland MT32 + UM-ONE + MidiPlayer (Windows 10)

I just tried playing MI_1.MID from the SCUMM Bar's MIDI pack on my MT-32 and it sounds exact to the game. The message inside the midi file says it for the MT-32. I played it back in DOS with DOSMID on the MPU-401 interface on an ESS sound card, but that shouldn't really be any different than playing …

Re: CRT nostalgia vs the 15KHz monitor whine

in Milliways
I love that I can’t hear CRT whine any more, it does make using CRTs far more enjoyable! Drives my kids nuts, though. They ask me if I had to deal with the noise all the time, and I had to reply, well yeah, what else could we do?

Re: What retro hardware you killed today or in the past :(. Killing spree stories+serial killers are welcome.Rest in pie

I was doing some reflowing on the GUS Max 2.1 card since it would lock up at the detection using the DOS setup program or when I enable it in Windows 95C's device manager. I reflowed the following to see if the issue would get fixed: [...] Apparently, the ICS1614 GF1 chip is done for and the card …

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