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Re: HDD JVC pinout

44 pin ide pinout can be easily found by googling for it. it's actually identical to normal IDE, though instead of 2.54mm pitch it's 2mm pitch ie distance between pins, with an added 4 pins for gnd & 5v power. https://web.archive.org/web/20041222200600if_/http://www.webtradecenter.de/pcdisk/h/2000/ …

Re: So embarrassing..what's the default bios password for this PC Chips Cheetah 486 board v1.7 motherboard?

The board uses an ALI M5818 RTC chip. Not too relevant to the thread, but I just looked this part up - are you sure your board is using it? It would be a bit strange because there's an RTC built into the M1487. I also can't spot the M5818 on the board on pictures online and it's a pretty large chip …

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