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Re: PCMCIA Sound Cards

FYI my Compaq LTE Elite 4/50cx is not an Intel 82365 nor is it compatible, this is also supported by the IBM 3D Sound documentation listing it as one of the ones you must use the card/socket services for, the intel compatible point enabler is a no go. It was the machine that pushed me to implement …

Re: PCMCIA Sound Cards

I have a Compaq LTE Elite 4/50cx Laptop ( ) and I got it working with an Eigerlab/Fujitsu 16 bit stereo sound card. I'm using the pcmcia drivers that come with the Compaq Softpaq drivers (sp1250). The fujitsu/eigermedia drivers install fine and FM audio is working with basic installation. Windows …

Re: PCMCIA Sound Cards

Here is the pinout Thank you for the amazing tips. I bought the Margi DVD-to-GO PCMCIA adapter that came with a multimedia (4 port rca + 1 s-video output cable) as a gamble. It arrived and after some initial difficulties getting pcmcia recognized in dos on a Compaq LTE 4/50cx; I managed to get it …

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