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Re: Windows, Doom, Apogee OPL3 Synthesizer.

Thanks so much for the responses! I didn't see them until a little while ago because I didn't get email notification of them. I don't know if this is something to note, but Microsoft is testing adding third-party drivers to a directory called OEMDRIVERS that's outside of the System32 directory. …

Re: Windows, Doom, Apogee OPL3 Synthesizer.

Hello. I had opened an issue on datajake1999's OPL3EMU GitHub repository. I thought that I would ask here as well. I'm using Windows 10 2009 64-bit with VirtualMidiSynth and the Munt driver installed. Unfortunately, neither the Windows driver linked to in the opening post of this thread or the …

SimCity 2000 SE Audio Troubles on Windows 10

Hello. I have installed SimCity 2000 for Windows 95 using the steps outlined at this webpage: https://www.weasyl.com/~oneandonly/submissions/41208/simcity-2000-installer It works perfectly except for the fact that when I play the game, the music cuts during the middle of the first track played on a …

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