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Re: QuikMenu III

in DOS
I have a feeling though that 32 bit depth may be too much? One of the posters on that site also mentions that the icons may be 40x40 and 16 colors (which makes more sense). The icons are 32x32 and 16 colors, but they must match the QuickMenu III default 16-color palette to look right (which is …

Re: Destruction Derby for the Diamond Stealth 3D 2000

in Windows
ive been hunting for this elusive disc everywhere as im dying to play this enhanced version. does anyone have a cd to sell me or able to create an iso with data and audio tracks? im not a fan of piracy by any means but surey the licenses have expired for this title?

Recommend dos/95 vid card LCD

Is it the case I’d need a video card with a minimum of DVI output to ensure compatibility using dos / bios on a modern monitor? (Ultrawide) My current monitor is just displaying black screen in bios/dos. I’ve tried using an OSSC converter but it too was still showing nasty outputs

Re: Fried MB

Sometimes transistors and other silcon shorts and dies like so. It looks like the switching transistor of some voltage regulator gave up. Assuming no other problems, replacing the transistor and the close by capacitor will make things work again. Exploded power FET and melted inductor... smells …

Fried MB

Well that was a short trip down memory lane, interrupted with the putrid smell of burning lol. I’m not sure what has caused it as I did numerous tweaks but the motherboard died this morning. I wondered what could cause it, as I’ve recently added overdrive + CD-ROM and powered CF card, so either too …

Re: Sound blaster PcI128 CT4700 driver issues

I believe this CD ISO has the driver you need: http://vogonsdrivers.com/getfile.php?fileid=370&menustate=0 Hey man thanks very much, unfortunately these drivers are also locking my system up. It’s a fresh install so I’m not sure what it’s all about really but it’s looking like I need to format …

Sound blaster PcI128 CT4700 driver issues

Hi everyone I’m having trouble locating working drives for my sound card. It seems creative website doesn’t care any more for this legacy device and downloading different drivers gathered off the net sadly either crashes win95 and it seems to be undetectable in dos. I know the card works as it was …

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