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Re: Project I.G.I.

in Windows
I am playing on : Intel G3220 3.0 ghz 4 gb Ram nvidia 620 GT (potato card :D) Game is unplayable unless i copy DDraw.dll, D3DImm.dll and D3D8.dll from DgVoodoo into game folder. Long time ago i played it on P3 500 and Geforce 2. I was thinking that game feels weird with floaty cursor, but now i know …

Re: Project I.G.I.

in Windows
Ok, so now I have unlocked fps by deleting D3D9.dll which is a part of Dgvoodoo2 that i have installed. However FPS in game fluctuate at 30-60 randomly 😮 . But it still feels better. Now only thing is that mouse acceleration and smoothing. If anyone have a idea i would like to hear it.

Project I.G.I.

in Windows
Does anyone know if it is possible to unlock fps cap in this game? Also it seems it has mouse smoothing and acceleration enabled - is there anyway to disable it?

Re: Dark Forces

Ok. In my Dark forces folder there are 3 files : dosbox_DF.conf dosbox_DF_settings.conf dosbox_DF_single.conf Which one should i edit? Why there are 3 of those? Also, in nvidia panel how should i configure scaling? Thanks.

Dark Forces

Hi. I have 19' monitor with native resolution 1280x1024. I want to play Dark forces.. what kind off settings would you guys recommend for dosbox? Also , which dosbox version should i use?

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