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Re: It might be a good idea to open a session for Apple

ratfink wrote on 2022-06-22, 17:13: Vintage Computer Forums https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php […] Show full quote Vintage Computer Forums https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php Vintage Apple stuff https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php Then maybe it is worth making separate area where links to other forums may …

Re: It might be a good idea to open a session for Apple

If you asking me, It would be great if a separate area for Non-PC-Compatibles like Apple machines will be added. I personally have no intention to use Apple machines, but I have some machines that work under CP/M, PalmOS and even Basic and it would be great to have a special area for them.

Re: The moment you were hooked

I was hooked into pc gaming when I was a kid and saw the mighty 286 IBM PC/AT machine for the first time and discovered that it is full of games like Grand Prix Circuit, F-19, LHX, Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion and so on. But at the age of 15 or so I was "unhooked" because I've found the …

Re: Reasons to hate modern games

What about those who doesn't like 'em all? So first of all I do not hate them at all. Then I was a kid I liked them very much, but since age of 15 or so I started to realize that they are too primitive, too predictable, too boring, too time consuming and the real life is much more fun "to play" with …

Re: Can I soon certificate and grade my processor collection ? (PCGS,CGC,VGA,WATA,PSA)

Btw do collectible items always need to be mostly useless things? Cars come to mind as collectible items that still have some practical use. It is kinda cool looking at an oldtimer riding by but a baseballcard collection just doesn't do it for me. Interesting yet potentially terrifying question. …

Re: Any flight sim fans here?

Later was considering to get a PPL, but since I wasn't planning to fly at least once in a week (otherwise it is not safe due to skills loss) in the end considered it as a waste of time and money. Yeah... same here... and in Poland you have to fly at least a certain hours a year or you will loose …

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